Monday, November 7, 2011

Electronics Bungalow Update

I am back from vacation, it was a great relaxing time and now it is time to get back to business, I do apologize for not making a post during my vacation like I wanted to. I wanted to touch base on the progress of Electronics Bungalow, I should have myself set up to hire the website developers by the end of this week (fingers crossed). When getting this close to launching the business I am trying to make sure I have things planned out for how I want the website to look and make sure things are set up for being able to sell products as soon as they finish the site.

It will take approximately 2 weeks to build the site so during that time I want to keep in contact with the developers so that it will turn out the way I want it too. I also will need to create a list of the products I want to be put on the site. While thinking about what products I want, I am finding that there are other products I want on there that are not listed with the wholesaler I currently have so I will be exploring other wholesalers in addition to the one I am using.

I want to emphasize the importance of planning out your business. It can get pretty overwhelming with steps that need to be taken care of before your business even launches. I felt like I had things covered and for the most part I do, but now once I am almost at the stage of launch I am realizing that the planning is just beginning. Focus on how you want your business to be set up and the timeframe at which it should be progressing.

When trying to create a timeline for my business I found that it is almost never as accurate as you want it to be. You can't get discouraged if there are setbacks because there more than likely will be setbacks and if you let it get to you then you might start to get that overwhelming feeling and possibly think twice about continuing on and you can't let it get to that point and get you down. If there are setbacks, just be patient and calm and take a look at what is needed without panicking. Figure out what needs to be done and take care of it so that you can keep moving forward.

I have had a few setbacks while trying to launch Electronics Bungalow and yes I will even admit that I thought about quitting the progress. I would even suggest taking a couple days off of looking at your business plan to clear your head which I had to do a couple times. Once I did that, I got my mind focussed back on moving forward and continuing my timeline and business plan.

If you are having difficulties with your timeline or business plan or you are getting frustrated with the progress of your business, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I want to help out anyone who needs it and as I have stated in earlier posts that you should ask as many questions as you can and get information and answers from anywhere you can find it.

On a lighter note, I wanted to share a few photos of the beautiful view and scenery I had while on vacation. I almost didn't want to leave! haha!

Andrew Owens
Electronics Bungalow

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