Saturday, October 29, 2011


Being the weekend I am not likely to hear back from the wholesaler until at least Monday about my application. That being said, I thought about what I can do to keep track of sales, page views, item views, trends, etc...I have searched online and it seems that a lot of small online businesses use Google Analytics to keep track of a lot of that stuff while using the merchant services for payment to keep track of the accounting and sales.

However you decide to track the measurements and progress of your business, just know that it is VERY IMPORTANT to indeed keep track of the measurements and progress of your business. There are a lot of useful tools out there and you can't just focus on sales and dollars in order to run a successful online business. It is probably more difficult to run an online business than a brick & mortar store, albeit less start up expenses, which makes it more important to also focus on every factor that has an effect on your business.

I myself will probably start using Google Analytics for these measurements once I get my business officially launched. I will play around with other tools as well and see what I feel is best for myself and my business and will report back here to inform you guys as well. Until then, be sure that you know what measurements you need to keep track of and use tools that are out there for e-commerce businesses.

Andrew Owens
Electronics Bungalow

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