Friday, October 28, 2011



I was able to get in touch via email with the wholesaler and they said that the application is close to being complete, they needed one more form for me to fill out for them which I have already completed and submitted. I hope to hear back from them by Monday or Tuesday.


I titled this post "Help" because I wanted to talk a little bit about needing help when you are starting your own business. With my experience so far, I have already had to ask a thousand questions and I will probably be asking a million more in search for answers and help on what steps I need to do and the direction I should be going. Starting something up from scratch isn't easy and it can get a little overwhelming at times.

I want to reiterate that if there is something you need help with or something you don't know or confused about to just ask questions, search online for the answers, join a forum that has members in similar situations. Never be ashamed to ask for help, I am really close to officially launching my business because of the questions I asked and the help I received.

One of the best sites that was given to me to find information, tips, and ideas for an e-commerce business was this website:

I highly recommend checking out and looking around that website if you are looking to start an
e-commerce business or even if you already have an e-commerce business because they offer all kinds of advice. Also, I welcome an comments on my blog, so if you have any questions about my company or need help with something please feel free to make a comment.

Andrew Owens
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